Hackathon - Build On 2020

The Build On competition is a pan-ASEAN coding competition organised by AWS Educate (the education arm of Amazon Web Services), taking place in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore. Build On provides a platform for students to learn about cloud computing through designing and implementing tech solutions to real world challenges issued by institutions, corporates and start-ups across ASEAN. The Singapore edition of the competition has two categories:

  • Junior Category (Open to International School, local Secondary School and Junior College students)
  • Institutional Category (Polytechnics and Universities)

Technical Skills are useful but are not required for this hackathon - SG Code Campus is proud to be an official training partner for this momentous event and will conduct the training sessions to ensure that all participants get the basic programming and cloud computing skills needed for the hackathon.

If you are a team of 3-5 students in Secondary School, Junior College, Polytechnic or University and interested in taking part in this competition in Singapore, please use the link to the official Build On, Singapore 2020 registration portal from AWS Educate below.

Recordings of training sessions

Participating in Build On, Singapore 2020 and missed a particular training session? No worries as video recordings and notes from each session will be posted on this page as the various sessions are conducted.

  1. Basic Workshop 1: Release of Challenge Statements and intro to HTML (30 Jul 2020)
  2. Basic Workshop 2: Styling Websites with CSS (31 Jul 2020)
  3. Basic Workshop 3: Deploying websites to the AWS S3 service (1 Aug 2020)
  4. Suggested pathway for further study in Web Development (online guide)
  5. Advanced Workshop 1: Deploying a server on AWS Elastic Beanstalk (17-21 Aug 2020)
  6. Advanced Workshop 2: Exploring the AWS DynamoDB database service (17-21 Aug 2020)
  7. Advanced Workshop 3: Machine Learning on AWS (17-21 Aug 2020)