Suggested pathway for further study in Web Development (online guide)

Now that you have taken the first 3 basic workshops for the AWS Build On, Singapore 2020 hackathon, we are happy to aggregate some free online resources for you to continue to develop deeper web application programming skills on your own. Here is a suggested learning pathway, to be taken in sequence:

Intro to JavaScript Programming by Khan Academy

Interactive websites with HTML, CSS and JS by Khan Academy

What is a Web API by Postman

Using Postman to explore and test APIs

Enhancing your web applications with Web APIs and JavaScript

Creating your own APIs with Node from Udemy

Node Package Manager for managing Node projects

In-depth introduction to Node - Optional

Hands on tutorial project for Node by Auth0

Hands on tutorial project for Node by Open Classrooms

Examples of Companies using Node

Please note that for the Advanced Workshops conducted in August 2020 for the finalists teams of Build On, Singapore 2020, we will assume that you have the background covered by the courses listed above.