Basics X

Topics in Block Programming

AGES 9 - 12
  • At least Basics 4 OR
  • For absolute beginners turning 11 - 12 years old in the current calendar year
Course Overview:
Basics X is a supplementary series of courses offered on a seasonal basis featuring topics in block-based computer programming. Each iteration of this course will focus on a specific topic over 5 to 8 lessons designed to stimulate kids’ curiosity and challenge them in various technological domains - examples of topics covered in previous iterations include machine learning using Scratch X; the Internet of Things (IoT) exploring hardware using the micro:bit; and Mobile Programming using App Inventor.
Where appropriate, this course will draw references from and make associations to the material covered in the core Basics 1 to Basics 4 course sequence, with the goal of making students better developers in the domains of animation, game design, mobile programming and IoT.

Internet of Things using micro:bit

The courses in this cluster will solidify Code Campers' conceptual understanding of the fundamental coding concepts, data types as well as hone their logical-thinking skills using the micro:bit - an affordable, interactive and fun mini-processor.

Mobile App Programming with App Inventor

This cluster introduces Code Campers to the exciting world of mobile app programming and complex data types. With the rapid proliferation of smartphones and mobile usage, mobile programming presents one of the most relatable and relevant domains in which our students will apply their programming knowledge and skills.