Principles 4

Object-Oriented Programming with PyGame

AGES 13 - 19
Course Overview:
Our introduction to foundational concepts and techniques in computer programming culminates in this course where programming concepts hitherto learned like loops, functions and lists come to life as students design and build their way through their own platformer video game using the PyGame game development framework.
Code Campers will be introduced to the object-oriented programming (OOP) paradigm - a problem solving approach that allows the programmer to think about the behaviour of his or her program in terms of a collection of objects and how they interact. These skills are then applied to the context of the game programming, where objects are used to abstract the idea of a video game as a collection of characters animated on a display.
The completion of this course will enable the student to solve complex problems beyond the field of game programming - by viewing and reasoning about problems as complex systems of simpler, intertwined objects, students gain a powerful framework for designing and building larger programs and software.
PyGame is a lightweight albeit powerful Python game engine that allows students to build and examine the internal workings of some of their favourite video games.
Principles 4
Hear from our Students!
The SGCC Principles 4 course helped me better understand how to code and prepared me for my school's Python syllabus. I went in without understanding anything regarding the coding language but the teachers were really helpful and it didn't take long before I learnt the skill of coding in python. I also understood how python can be applied in our daily lives and the amazing creations we can make through code. This course is very interesting and I would highly suggest anyone to give this course a shot
Marcus, Hwa Chong Institution, 15 years old