Principles 6

Web APIs

AGES 13 - 19
Course Overview:
In this course, students will build upon their elementary web programming skills gained in the previous course - learning to architect, develop and deploy sophisticated, feature-rich and interactive web applications. In the first part of the course, we will do a deep dive into JavaScript - exploring the deeper concepts and programming paradigms like asynchronicity and Promises that the make the language so powerful in the web domain.
Students will then apply their Python and JavaScript skills towards incorporating advanced features in their web apps by learning to use online third-party developer tools called Web APIs. Whether you are trying to include geolocation features through the Google Maps API, a live news feed through the Bloomberg API, or voice-recognition through Amazon's Alexa API, being able to integrate these amazing features in your web applications relies on an understanding of Web APIs and the HTTP protocol that underlies the World-Wide Web. After this course, students will be able to search for third party Web APIs on the web and easily mix and mash these features into their code - allowing countless possibilities for their web applications, ranging from simple to-do apps to intelligent inventory monitoring systems (check out our lovely alumni works!).
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Hear from our Students!
Principles 6 was a great help in introducing me to the wild west of asynchronous languages and the JavaScript Fetch API. The course was rich and helped me pick up a vital skill in web development. The instructors were exceptional and could easily explain concepts.
YuShen, Catholic High, 14 years old