Principles X

Topics in Computer Programming

AGES 13 - 19
Course Overview:
The Principles X programme is for students who have completed the foundational Principles 1-6 courses. This master class offering allows them to further specialise into areas of programming which interest them; courses are currently clustered into three main areas:
Competitive programming in C++
This cluster introduces students to advanced ideas in algorithms and computation, first in a language familiar to all Principles students, Python, before easing them into C++, where they will encounter advanced topics like pointers, memory management and advanced data structures. Students completing this cluster should expect to be ready to compete in coding competitions like the National Olympiad for Informatics (NOI), the USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) and Google’s Code Jam. Meet one of our current students, Daniel, the overall champion and gold medallist of the 2019 NOI!
Data Science
This cluster covers topics in Data Science and Machine Learning in courses taught by instructors from universities bearing the world’s top statistics and computer science departments! Courses cover exploratory data analysis, data munging, supervised machine learning and deep learning. Meet one of the graduates of our programme Cedric, who won a scholarship from the Defence Science and Technology Agency of Singapore (DSTA) to conduct machine learning research with a large technology startup!
Advanced Web and Mobile Programming
The cluster covers advanced Web and Mobile programming with the JavaScript software stack and covers React and React Native programming, server programming with Node and deployment of apps into Amazon Web Services. Graduates of this cluster have gone on to win national coding competitions like the IMDA Code::Xtreme::Apps national hackathons in 2017 and 2018, building web and mobile applications to solve problem challenges from companies like Motorola and the Port Authority of Singapore .

Data Science

Course 1
Machine Learning
(Class in session)
Course 2
Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
(To be offered in Q3 2019)
Course 3
Deep Learning
(Last conducted in Q1 2019)
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Advanced Web & Mobile Programming

Course 1
Large Scale Web Apps with React
(Last conducted in Q3 2018)
Course 2
Programming for iOS and Android with React Native
(Last conducted in Q4 2018)
Course 3
Server Programming with Node
(Class in session)
Course 4
Advanced Game Development
(Class in session)
Course 5
Building Web Applications
(Class in session)
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Hear from our Students!
The Principles X Programme has certainly deepened my understanding into the more practical aspects of coding, which went miles in helping me learn the core aspects of mobile app design and machine learning. The programme has enabled me to acquire skills to create stunning projects that I never thought I would be able to achieve. Together with my team, I have excelled in the Code::Xtreme::Apps Hackathon by IMDA, achieving 3rd place during our first run in the competition back in 2017. The data science skills I gained from SGCC have even allowed me to clinch a scholarship under the DSTA Young Defence Scientist Programme to conduct machine learning research using ecommerce data from Carousell! The courses taken at SGCC have certainly benefitted me and brought up my coding skills by several notches.
Cedric, Hwa Chong Institution, 16 years old