Intro to Competitive Programming for NOI

C++ programming

AGES 13 - 18
  • Students are required to have extensive prior experience in coding to attend, although prior knowledge of the C++ Programming Language is not essential.
  • Due to the rigour of the material involved, students are also required to go through an assessment to attend this course series. Please send us an enquiry to schedule an appointment with the team to learn more.
Course Overview:
At SG Code Campus, our directive is to train our students to be independent and all-rounded coders. To this end, we focus on the sport of competitive programming as a fun and challenging arena to test the ability of our students to solve CS problems in the most optimal fashion, specifically for the National Olympiad of Informatics (NOI).
In this course, we introduce the basics of C++ syntax, core libraries, and best practices. Students will be introduced to famous algorithms in computer science from different domains such as Binary Search, Quick Sort and Merge Sort, to name a few. They will learn how to implement these algorithms and analyse the efficiency of each approach. Students will also fortify their toolbelt with the knowledge of fundamental data structures and how best to represent information using these coding tools. Finally, students will be trained with practice drills from problem archives such as Kattis to bolster their problem solving skills in computer science.
  1. Introduction to C++
    • C++ Headers and the C++ Standard Library (STL)
    • Code Compilation
    • Variables and Typing
    • Control Flow
    • Basic Data Structures
    • Pointers
  2. Algorithms
    • Searching
    • Sorting
    • Algorithm Analysis and the Big O Notation
  3. Problem Solving Techniques
    • Brute Force Approach
    • Recursion
    • Two Pointer Approach
    • Greedy Approach