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Ages 11 - 19

Learn the world's most popular programming language in a developmentally appropriate and engaging classroom experience.

Python for Kids

Programming made easy!

Had enough of Scratch and want to move on to something bigger and better for your primary school kid? Or perhaps you would like to get your secondary school teenager creating technology instead of just consuming it. At SG Code Campus, we bring out the power and beauty of Python programming to beginner coders as young as 11 years old. Our experienced and highly qualified instructors will bridge your child from blocks to Python or introduce your teenager to the fundamentals of Python programming as a core Data Science skill.
Python is the easiest programming language to learn if you’re new to coding, which makes it great for kids who have an interest in computer science and want to learn more. Python, as a programming language is extremely learner-friendly – kids will not only love it but also enjoy every minute spent creating their very own programme.

Why Python is perfect for kids?

Python makes coding easier for kids because, most importantly, it reads like English. This means that it does not use complex nor esoteric terms that kids will find difficult to understand. The programming language has simple syntax rules – i.e. simple and clear grammatical rules of the language - that makes it more accessible to kids who are keen to start writing their first computer program within the first lesson!
Python isn't just popular with kids - sites like Google, Dropbox, Pinterest and Instagram are built on Python, and more will likely follow suit. Python is currently the language of choice because it is extremely well-suited to many popular and powerful technologies. These include technologies within the realm of data science, virtual reality, desktop applications and visualisations. When kids learn Python, they will not only be picking up the fastest growing programming language, but also acquiring computational skills that will give them an added advantage in an increasingly digital future.
Python's popularity looks set to grow with the advent of data science and machine learning. Encouraging your primary school going kid to begin coding with Python will enhance your child's opportunities to be creative, engage and contribute positively in whatever domain they eventually choose, regardless of whether they intend to be programmers, data scientists, digital artists or musicians.
Coding with Python at SG Code Campus is made easy because our Junior Python programming course is specially designed for kids. This means that each lesson is highly engaging, appropriately paced, and inspiring so that your child develops a passion for coding that spurs them to keep learning more!

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