Learn Scratch

Ages 7 - 10

Learn the world's favourite programming language for kids in a fun and engaging classroom experience.

Scratch programming for kids - a fun and easy way to start coding!

Why start coding with Scratch?

We think Scratch is the best programming language for beginner coders between 7 to 10 years of age (lower primary school) because as a programming language, it is easy to use, has many features to highlight how complex coding concepts work and provides kids with an immediate feedback loop because the code can be performed instantaneously. This means beginner coder from young to not so young will be enticed to keep coding, and making stuff (software) that excites them! With a young-coder focused online community, kids would also be encouraged to create their own animated stories and video games to share with the online community. Likeminded individuals in the community will interact with their work,giving the kids a positive reinforcement that they have produced a wonderful piece of software.
Kids who learn to code with us using Scratch will also gain exposure to the process of software design, where they will work their creative juices to think up amazing ideas, build a prototype to experiment with, source feedback from classmates and revise the design to improve the product. Through this process, the kids will develop skills in problem-solving, creative thinking, analytical and communication skills, as well as appreciate the importance of working collaboratively and effectively – all in the name of meaningful fun!

Coding for Kids – Learn all about Scratch

Scratch is the perfect programming language for primary school kids between 7 and 11 years old to learn how to code. As the world’s most popular and highly interactive block-based programming language, kids learn to programme their own interactive stories, games and animations. Scratch also provides a platform through which kids can join a community of youth coders, whether at home or all over the world, with whom they can share their projects. Scratch encourages children to think logically, work as a team and solution creatively -- essential skills we impart in our coding courses for kids. Want to find out more? Read our article for more reasons why Scratch is great for beginner coders between 7 to 10 years old.

What is Scratch and how does it work?

Scratch is a visual, block-based programming language available for free. Kids will drag and drop blocks in a specific sequence in order to write a programme that will run within the Scratch software interface. This means that kids can "write" code without needing to type each instruction out. This means they can focus on the mathematical and computational ideas that are important for coding. For instance, they will get acquainted with foundational computer science concepts such as iteration, conditionals, events and variables when building their animated story or game. They will also get a head start with math concepts like negative numbers, comparators (<, >, ≥, ≤) and coordinates. Coupled with our fun and exciting hands-on approach to learning, the kids will be excited to keep learning about these concepts in engaging and meaningful ways.

Get started

If you're keen on to get started with Scratch, join us in one of these courses. Coding for kids in Scratch is always so much fun at SG Code Campus!