Competition Results

After going through the intense scoring of 7 SGCC judges, we are excited to announce the winners of the first ever SGCC Summer Scratch Competition!

Lower Primary:

  1. Mugdha Akkinapragada (Playdate)

  2. Hebe Lim (Holiday Letter)

  3. Choong Jun Rong (Holidays At Home)

Upper Primary:

  1. Tan You Ren (Holidays At Home)

  2. Keith Tham (Holidays Learning At Home)

  3. Song Wen Xuan (Holidays At Home)

Find out more about the competition in the video below!

Competition Details:

Please find the competition details in the pdf file here or see below for the nitty gritty.
  1. Eligibility: Students studying in a school in Singapore, P6/Grade 6 and below.
  2. There will be two categories: Lower Primary (P1-3 / Grade 1-3) and Upper Primary (P4-6 / Grade 4-6)
  3. Prizes: Top 3 positions for each category will win:
    #1 Resorts World vouchers ($100)
    #2 Swensens vouchers ($50)
    #3 Apple App Store / Google Play Store vouchers ($20)
  4. Theme: Holidays at Home
  5. Task: Create a STORY / ANIMATION addressing the theme using Scratch
  6. Submissions to be made to Submissions should include:
    1. Name of participant, School, Birth Year, Parent's name, handphone and email, coding background
    2. The scratch project as a .sb3 file, named in the following format: CATEGORY_NAME_PROJECTNAME.sb3
    3. A presentation of the project through a recorded video of not more than 3 minutes (preferably .mp4 file), named in the following format: CATEGORY_NAME_PROJECTNAME.extension (Note: total size of attachments needs to be < 25 MB to be sent through email)
  7. Entries will close 31 July 2021, 2359h

Judging Criteria:

  1. Relevance - 10%
  2. Code - 30%
  3. Design - 10%
  4. Creativity - 20%
  5. Presentation - 30%

Presentation Guidelines:

The presentation video should show the participant clearly at all times and cover the following points:
  1. How participants came up with their idea
  2. Explain what their code does
  3. Explain any difficulties encountered along the way and how they were solved


  1. Entries must be original. Participants may look at other projects to get ideas, but the should NOT copy code or remix projects.
  2. Projects should not require an additional device (e.g. Makey Makey, micro:bit, LEGO)
  3. Each participant is only allowed ONE entry.
  4. The deadline for entries is 31 July 2021, 2359h
  5. Projects may be showcased by SGCC (and credited to the creators)
  6. Decisions made by SGCC will be final