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This programme is for International Baccalaureate (IB) students who have finished G10, and are taking Computer Science as an academic subject.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Computer ScienceJava Weekly Tuition

Taught by highly qualified and experienced tutors with a proven track record of producing top scorers, our International Baccalaureate (IB) Computer Science weekly tutoring programme is available to all Year 11/12 IB students taking either the Standard level (SL) or the Higher level (HL) syllabus.

We consistently deliver a highly directed and outcomes-focused curriculum — everything we teach is chosen with the IB written examinations as well as the practical and written portions of the Internal Assessment (IA) in mind. Our pedagogical approach optimises learning outcomes by structuring the course content to make it accessible to every student depending on their learning needs. Our tutoring programme comprises three main components:

  1. Java programming
  2. Internal Assessment preparation
  3. External Assessment (Papers 1 and 2) preparation.

Each of the above components are interrelated by design with an intentional overlap and synergy between them; all of the skills learnt in Java programming will be important for both the IA project and written exam.

Find out more about each IB tutoring component below, or enquire now about our IB tuition programme.

Java Holiday Camps

Our Java immersive holiday camps are a perfect alternative for teens looking to pick up the fundamentals of Java in an intensive camp format. The Java 1 Holiday Camp and Java 2 Holiday Camp combined are equivalent to what is covered within the first 12 lessons of the IB Computer Science tutoring programme. Perfect for students who are considering IB Computer Science in Grade 9 to Grade 12 , or who just want to gain a solid grounding in core programming concepts, as well as practical experience programming in the Java language.

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