IB Computer Science TuitionInternal Assessment (IA) Preparation

AGES 16 - 18
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  • Java 1 and Java 2
  • Suitable for Year 11/12 students currently enrolled in an International Baccalaureate (IB) Computer Science programme
Course Overview:
The curriculum taught in this section is designed to help students ace their Internal Assessments (IA). Every project is different, and the best stand out with clarity of purpose, elegant execution, and clever use of technologies. We equip students with all the skills they need to conceptualise, design and execute a project from start to finish, so that they are well prepared to tackle the IA successfully.
First, we learn how to design an application with the help of Unified Modelling Language (UML) diagrams. It is essential to begin a project with a well-thought out design, to avoid extended (and potentially painful) periods of code revision later on. These diagrams will be graded in the written portion of the IA, and many of them are also examinable in Papers 1 and 2 (see also IB External Assessment).
With the overarching design taken care of, we will learn how to create a User Interface (UI), for an application. Using the UI library JavaFX, students will design and build a user-friendly front-end, and make it respond to user input with JavaFX controllers. Although students are encouraged to use JavaFX, we do provide tutoring support for the use of other UI libraries, such as Swing, as well as applications built entirely in JavaScript or Python.
Often, we will find that our application requires some way to store information between sessions of use. Therefore, we will also learn how to furnish an application with a robust back-end by using a database to store and retrieve information. Depending on each student’s requirements, the tuition classes will cover how to create and use either a relational database — written in Structured Query Language (SQL), or a flat database — which can take a variety of forms. Finally, we will learn how to link our database to our application using Object Oriented Programming, to create a fully functional (and outstanding) product in satisfaction of the IB’s Internal Assessment requirements.
The following topics are indicative and non-exhaustive, and will be covered by our tutors as required depending on the project being built.
  1. Software Design with UML:
    • Structure charts, System flowcharts, and Data Flow diagrams (Topic 1)
    • Algorithm flowcharts (Topic 4)
    • Class diagrams (Option D)
  2. Front-end Design and Development:
    • Creating a User Interface - e.g. with JavaFX
    • Making it Responsive - e.g. with JavaFX Controllers
  3. Back-end Design and Development:
    • Relational Databases - e.g. SQLite, MySQL
    • Flat Databases - e.g. JSON, csv, text files
    • Bringing it Together with OOP

Additional private sessions are available outside of class at $100/hr, subject to instructor availability.
Hear from our Students!
SG Code Campus helped me tremendously when I was preparing for my HL Computer Science IB exam in May 2018. Prior to receiving tutoring sessions from SG Code Campus, I was struggling to get a level 5 for HL Computer Science and received a 4 for my mock exam in January 2018 (7 is the highest attainable score - I barely passed). I started going to SG Code Campus for weekly exam help sessions in March 2018. Thanks to the help I received from my instructor, Ian, I was able to improve from a 4 to a 7 on my final HL Computer Science IB exam in a span of 6 weeks.
SG Code Campus also helped me immensely when I was working on my Computer Science IA (Internal Assessment). I had an idea for my IA but did not know how to create it. After joining IA Clinics at SG Code Campus, I was able to envision how I could create my IA. Whenever I stumbled upon any problems or challenges that I was unable to solve, Ian was able to help me to understand my problem more clearly.
Thanks to the tutoring I received from SG Code Campus, I was able to attain a 7 on my final HL Computer Science IB exam.
Max Ong, UWC Dover, 18 years old
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