IB Computer Science TuitionJava Programming

AGES 16 - 18
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  • Java programming for teens 16-18
Course Overview:
We firmly believe that every computer science student needs a solid grounding in the basic coding concepts. That’s why our tuition program emphasises practical programming, with plenty of exercises to build up problem-solving skills and confidence in writing and debugging Java code.
We begin by learning the core computer science concepts common to any program— storing and manipulating data with variables, making decisions with conditions, and repeating instructions with loops. Next, we learn how to use methods to implement key problem-solving techniques such as decomposition (breaking down a problem into simpler parts), and abstraction (hiding detail to focus on what’s important). Finally, we learn how to use arrays in Java to structure and process larger amounts of data, and we implement basic algorithms for sorting data in an array, and searching an array for a specific item.
With the basics taken care of, students can now focus on the more advanced topics they need proficiency in, for both their internal and external assessments. We tutor the students on the basic features of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in Java, such as the state and behaviour of an object, how encapsulation can bundle code and data together, and how classes can be made more flexible with inheritance and polymorphism, as well as how to access and use the Java standard libraries.
Topic 4 — Computational thinking, problem solving and programming
  1. Java 1 — Foundations in Java:
    • Variables
    • Data Types
    • Conditions
    • Loops
  2. Java 2 — Methods and Arrays in Java:
  3. Java 3 - Object Oriented Programming in Java
    • State and Behaviour
    • Encapsulation
    • Inheritance and Polymorphism
    • Classes of the Java Standard Library

* Extensions for Higher Level (HL) students.
Hear from our Students!
SG Code Campus helped me tremendously when I was preparing for my HL Computer Science IB exam in May 2018. Prior to receiving tutoring sessions from SG Code Campus, I was struggling to get a level 5 for HL Computer Science and received a 4 for my mock exam in January 2018 (7 is the highest attainable score - I barely passed). I started going to SG Code Campus for weekly exam help sessions in March 2018. Thanks to the help I received from my instructor, Ian, I was able to improve from a 4 to a 7 on my final HL Computer Science IB exam in a span of 6 weeks.
SG Code Campus also helped me immensely when I was working on my Computer Science IA (Internal Assessment). I had an idea for my IA but did not know how to create it. After joining IA Clinics at SG Code Campus, I was able to envision how I could create my IA. Whenever I stumbled upon any problems or challenges that I was unable to solve, Ian was able to help me to understand my problem more clearly.
Thanks to the tutoring I received from SG Code Campus, I was able to attain a 7 on my final HL Computer Science IB exam.
Max Ong, UWC Dover, 18 years old