Basics 1Fun With Scratch

AGES 7 - 8
$288.9 ($270 w/o GST)
  • For absolute beginners turning 7 - 8 years old in the current calendar year
  • For absolute beginners turning 9-10 years old, please proceed to Basics 3
  • For absolute beginners turning 11-12 years old, please proceed to Jr Python 1 or Basics X
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Course Overview:
Basics 1 is SG Code Campus' fun and exciting introduction to the world of code for our youngest Code Campers. Through the use of concrete learning aids and visual block-based programming, kids will be invited to explore the world of computers (nope, they don't all have a big screen and a keyboard), and learn how coding can give them the power to create new possibilities with technology (yes, you can do great things with computers if you can tell them what to do)!
Code Campers will be introduced to the Scratch platform where their imaginations can run wild within the domain of animations and design. Through these two platforms, kids will be introduced to fundamental coding concepts such as:
  • sequencing (computers only do what you tell them to do, in the order you tell them to
  • loops (computers are great at repeating things so exploit that!), and
  • events (computers can react to a wide range of triggers)
Another focus of the course is breaking these abstract concepts down into simpler, more tangible ideas that are easy for younger kids to understand. Basic typing and mouse skills are also taught to help inculcate good computer habits from young, and better prepare kids for the rest of the Basics sequence.
After this course, Code Campers will appreciate the power of code, have an understanding of coding as a means of instructing computers, and begin to imagine the myriad of possibilities that are achievable with code. With the understanding of the basic coding concepts, they will be able to create their own animations.
Not sure if your child is ready to start coding yet? Read this guide to assess when is a good time for kids to start coding.
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Shannon, Chongzheng Primary School, 7 years old comment about current coding course
Hear from our Students!
I like Miss Flo and the game I made! I like coding Dash to draw and making the game Journey to Galaxy K-14 in Scratch! Coding is fun! It’s easy now but hard last time!
Shannon, Chongzheng Primary School, 7 years old