Basics 2 A/B

Explorations with Scratch
AGES 7 - 8
$405 ($375 w/o GST)


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Course Overview:

Basics 2 A/B is a 2-course series (taken in any order) that focuses on the practical application of the coding concepts learnt in Basics 1. The project-based approach to learning how to code in these courses provide ample opportunities to our youngest Code Campers to cement their understanding of the basic coding concepts. In addition to sequencing, events and loops, new coding concepts such as conditionals (how computers can make decisions, if you would let them) will also be introduced as kids gain familiarity with the nature of code.
Code Campers will also exposure and depth of understanding of how to code in Scratch to build more intricate and elaborate programs on Campus, including their very own fairy tale story and music animation! By exploring a wider range of programming language blocks and concepts, kids will develop their skills and understanding though practice and application, while building their confidence to explore new territory in the world of code. They will hone their ability to think more logically and computationally, and combine this with their innate creativity and imagination to turn their ideas into reality using computers! Students will also continue sharpening their keyboard and mouse handling skills to build dexterity and basic computer literacy.
After this series of courses, Code Campers will have a firmer understanding of the fundamental coding concepts and a better appreciation of how to create a variety of exciting projects that will enable them to progress comfortably along the Basics sequence. They will now be able to control the flow of a program and create their own artistic masterpieces with code.
We've got a whole collection of coding projects here if you're interested to see what they look like :)
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Christopher, Grade 2, 8 years old comment about current coding course

Hear from our Students!

My eight year old loved it. He had done coding before with his international school, but this was at a completely different level, incorporating learning with doing.
Would highly recommend the gang at SG Code Campus. They are excellent at what they do. They don't merely fill the pail with knowledge, they engender a thirst and excitement in the kids, which engages and impassions them. - Sylvia McNeese (parent)
Christopher, Grade 2, 8 years old