Basics 3

Starting with Scratch
AGES 9 - 10
2 HRS X 5 or 8 LESSONS
$405 ($375 w/o GST)


  • For absolute beginners turning 9 - 10 years old in the current calendar year
  • (For absolute beginners turning 7-8 years old, please proceed to Basics 1)
  • For absolute beginners turning 11-12 years old, please proceed to Jr Python 1 or Basics X
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Course Overview:

Basics 3 is SG Code Campus' beginners course for kids aged 9-10 years old. Code Campers will be introduced to the fundamentals of coding and computer science, and subsequently learn to program their own computer game using the visual programming language Scratch. Here, kids will be encouraged to explore the limitless possibilities that software programming enables in the animation and game design world.
Progressing at a faster pace than Basics 1 (the beginner's course for kids aged 7-8), Code Campers will touch on the nature of computers - where they are found, why they are useful, and how they work - and come to recognise the power of code as a language used to instruct computers everywhere. This course will also introduce kids to the basic coding tools:
  • loops (computers are great at repetitive tasks so exploit that!
  • conditionals (computers can make decisions, but only IF you let them)
  • variables (this is why computers never forget!), and
  • events (watch how computers react to various trigger)
By learning how to program using each of these coding tools, Code Campers will begin to develop the digital literacy skills necessary to tackle complex real-world problems.
After this course, Code Campers will understand basic computer science concepts, be able to collaborate with others to devise computer-based solutions to problems and build basic programs using the Scratch platform.
Not sure if your child is ready to start coding yet? Read this guide to assess when is a good time for kids to start coding.
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Rylan, Ngee Ann Primary School, 9 years old comment about current coding course

Hear from our Students!

Debugging the sprites' code is my favourite (part of class)! I like building games, especially making my favourite game "Escape the Earth". Last time I don’t even know a single thing about coding. Now, I am better in coding and I enjoy it a lot. I like learning at Sg Code Campus because the teachers here are kind.
Rylan, Ngee Ann Primary School, 9 years old