Basics 4 A/B/C

Building with Scratch
AGES 9 - 10
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Course Overview:

Continuing from our foundational course, Basics 4 A/B/C is a 3-course series (taken in any order) focusing on the application of coding concepts learnt in Basics 3, building fluency and experience in programming in Scratch.
*Young learners may require an additional Basics 4C course to master the concepts in Scratch before moving on to more advanced courses.
The projects built in this series of courses will provide Code Campers with sufficient practice opportunities to fully absorb the concepts taught in Basics 3, while exploring the endless possibilities they can create with their newfound coding skills. Through a project-based approach to learning how to code, kids will make use of the coding tools learnt to produce more complex and elaborate graphical animations, game designs, chat bots and other mini-programs in Scratch. They will also deepen their knowledge and competencies as Scratch programmers by learning a wider range programming language blocks and concepts, including:
  • distinguishing between when to use for loops and while loops
  • nesting code to create complexity in visual designs, and
  • cloning game components
Classes will be structured to help build kids' confidence in their coding competencies by guiding them to tackle progressively more challenging tasks, either independently or collaboratively. As budding programmers and designers, kids will learn to see things from a user's perspective (i.e. put themselves in the shoes of the user and think about what kind of experience the user would like), then translate their ideas into reality using code. They will also learn how to rely on their understanding of how code works to break down abstract problems into simpler, more tangible ideas that are easier to solve using code. Through this process, Code Campers will develop their logical and computational thinking skills while honing their creative and design sensibilities.
After this series of three courses, Code Campers will have built an extensive collection of projects to add to their coding portfolio and gained greater confidence and literacy in Scratch to continue coding more confidently and independently.
We've got a whole collection of coding projects here if you're interested to see what they look like :)
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Ashir, Overseas Family School, 10 years old comment about current coding course

Hear from our Students!

Coding is "the best thing ever"! I really enjoyed testing the games and learning at SG Code Campus because it feels fun, they are nice and I learnt a lot.
Ashir, Overseas Family School, 10 years old