Basics X

Basics X - App Inventor 2 A/B

Building with App Inventor
AGES 11 - 12
2 HRS X 5 or 8 LESSONS
$668.75 ($625 w/o GST)


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Course Overview:

Following on from Basics X - App Inventor 1, this is a 2-course series that will cement Code Campers’ understanding of mobile programming concepts through multiple and iterative build experiences of increasing complexity. The builds will include social, entertainment, lifestyle and/or media apps.
Through each build, Code Campers will develop a deeper awareness of user experiences so that they may design user interfaces with greater empathy. Their improved literacy in App Inventor will also enable them to harness each coding tool and concept honed throughout the Basics roadmap to solve different real-world problems both independently and collaboratively.
This 2-course series can be taken in any sequence. After completing this series of courses, Code Campers may proceed on to our Junior Python series by taking Junior Python 1 .
What can my child do after this course?
The project below is a sample of what our Code Campers can build after completing the Basics X - App Inventor 2 A/B course:
Shooter by Victor
Victor created a Shooter game where a player controlling a spaceship needs to prevent enemies from getting past him, and avoid getting hit by them by shooting them down first.
With a spiffy MIDI soundtrack (don't worry, no copyrights infringed!), different enemies come at the player repeatedly from the top of the screen.
The player can then shoot by tapping the spaceship, and Victor made his game more appealing by having multiple bullets of different colours!
Instead of just tapping a left or right button, movement in Victor's game is achieved by tilting the phone, adding yet another different element to the game.
The player's hits and misses are tracked in the game, allowing them to try and better their scores. The game ends when the player's health drops to 0 or below, with a pretty apt game over banner!