Basics X

Basics X - Micro:bit 2 A/B

Intro to Internet of Things with Micro:bit
AGES 11 - 12
2 HRS X 5 or 8 LESSONS
$668.75 ($625 w/o GST)


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Course Overview:

Basics X - micro:bit 2 A/B is a follow-on series of two courses where students will focus on practising the concepts learnt in the prior course(s) by building mini-programs using the micro:bit. The builds are centred around the Internet of Things - a domain of programming which marries software with hardware to provide real-world solutions to everyday problems. Each Code Camper is provided with a micro:bit to run their solutions.
Through each build, Code Campers will develop a greater awareness of user experience so that they may design hardware applications with greater empathy. Their improved literacy in coding the micro:bit as well as exposure to a wider range of sensors will also enable them to harness each coding tool (variables, loops, events and conditionals) to solve different real-world problems both independently and collaboratively.
This two-course series may be taken in any order. After completing this series of courses, Code Campers will be able to build mini hardware solutions relevant in their daily lives, be it at home, school or play.
What can my child do after this course?
The project below is a sample of what our Code Campers can build after completing the Basics X - Micro:bit 2 A/B course:
Button Racer by Benjamin
Benjamin made a Button Racer game, which includes two programs - a player and a leaderboard. The leaderboard tracks the positions of four players in real time, and allows them to compete with each other for the glory of reaching the top first. The leaderboard program is also responsible for starting the game, initiating a countdown on each player's micro:bit.
The players then press Buttons A and B alternately to power their racer forward in a test of their speed and hand coordination. But beware! Making a mistake in the sequence of buttons resets the racer's position, which would make most players think twice about spamming the buttons irreverently.
When one player reaches the end of the racetrack, the leaderboard declares that player the winner!
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