Principles 1

Python Fundamentals
AGES 13 - 18
$405 ($375 w/o GST)


  • No prior coding experience necessary
  • Prospective students must be at least Secondary 1 in local school or Grade 7 in an international school before enrolling.
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Course Overview:

This course introduces computer programming as the craft of problem-solving through writing sets of instructions for a computer to run - what are known as programs. Code Campers are taught how to read and write these programs in the massively popular and widely adopted Python programming language. Lessons primarily focus on having students familiarise themselves with the most basic kinds of instructions that can be understood by every computer and understand how these can be composed to build up virtually any computer program:
  • creating and accessing variables for storing and manipulating data
  • making simple decisions with conditionals like the if statement
  • repeating instructions through loops like the while statement
After this course, students will walk away the ability to read, analyse and construct simple programs. They will also gain an appreciation for how programming is applied to solve problems in fields as diverse as mobile, web development, artificial intelligence, robotics, financial engineering and bioinformatics.
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Zoey, Chung Cheng High (Main), 15 years old comment about current coding course

Hear from our Students!

Principles 1 was my first ever course that introduced me to the world of programming. The course was very fun, knowledgeable and easy to understand for students that have never programmed before. After a year and a half, I was able to assist teaching students as a teaching assistant during SGCC's holiday programme, and also take part in national app building competitions like the 2018 IMDA Code::Xtreme::Apps Hackathon
Zoey, Chung Cheng High (Main), 15 years old