Principles 5

Object-Oriented Programming with Python
AGES 13 - 18
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Course Overview:

Our introduction to foundational concepts and techniques in computer programming culminates in this course where students learn to create their own classes, essentially being able to abstract anything in the real world into their own data structures.
Code Campers will be introduced to the object-oriented programming (OOP) paradigm - a problem solving approach that allows the programmer to think about the behaviour of his or her program in terms of a collection of objects and how they interact.
Having previously used pre-existing modules to write their own programs more efficiently, students will also learn to create their own modules, and understand why and how everything in Python is an object.
Finally, students will be introduced to the Python web programming platform Anvil to create web elements. The completion of this course will enable the student to solve more complex problems - by viewing and reasoning about problems as complex systems of simpler, intertwined objects, students gain a powerful framework for designing and building larger programs and software.After this course, students will be able to create their own classes, organise their program into modules that they can create, as well as create web elements in Anvil.
Principles 5