Principles 6Web Programming with JavaScript

AGES 13 - 18
$888.10 ($830 w/o GST)
Course Overview:
At SG Code Campus, we think that learning to program the web is a challenging but ultimately rewarding endeavour because there are few skills truly as enabling as being able to create a web application. Our approach to web programming is decidedly opinionated in that it assumes that students have already acquired the skills needed to read and write non-trivial computer programs before learning how those skills can be applied to the web domain.
Programming the web can broadly be decomposed into three connected tasks: structuring content, designing the appearance of said content, and programming applications based on that content. Learning to build on the web can thus be reduced to learning about the associated technologies which address these concerns - HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
In this course, Code Campers will go behind the scenes of their beloved websites and applications, to learn how the sister technologies of HTML and CSS are applied to present the content they are so used to seeing. With their solid foundation in programming concepts learnt in Python, they will then delve into the JavaScript programming language and use it to make their web content dynamic and interactive.
At the end of the course, Code Campers will have picked up a second programming language, and be able to build their own landing pages and simple frontend web applications.
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