Principles XAmazon IT Certification Pathway

AGES 13 - 18
$888.10 ($830 w/o GST)
Programme Overview:
As an authorised Training Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network, we are pleased to present the Principles X programme, where students develop a deep proficiency in web/mobile programming & cloud computing leading to official IT certification and credentials conferred by Amazon Web Services. Read about our groundbreaking partnership with AWS here.
This programme features optional courses in web and mobile programming and required courses in cloud computing, jointly conducted by instructors from SG Code Campus, as well as qualified instructors from AWS. To find out more about Cloud Computing and its importance, please check out our AWS Partner page. To graduate from Principles X programme, students must complete the following:
Completion of Principles X - AWS Cloud Computing 2 leads to a Certificate of Completion issued by Amazon Web Services and prepares students to sit for the AWS-proctored exam (exam fees paid separately) which confers the AWS Cloud Practitioner Credential (#8 on the Forbes 2020 list of the top IT certifications in the world).

Cloud Computing

Cloud 1
App Deployment on AWS
Cloud 2
AWS Technicals (Certificate for AWS Technical Essentials from AWS conferred)
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Mobile & Web Programming

Course 1
Modern Web Dev with React
Course 2
Cross-Platform Dev with Flutter
Course 3
Programming iOS with Swift
Course 4
Building Web Apps 1
Course 5
Building Web Apps 2
Course 6
Android Prototyping with AppInventor
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Data Science

Course 1
Practical Data Science with Amazon SageMaker (Certificate from AWS conferred)
Course 2
Deep Learning on AWS (Certificate from AWS conferred)
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