Instructors from top universities including
Stanford, Berkeley, NUS & Carnegie Mellon.

We teach kids and teens in Singapore how to code in Scratch, Python, JavaScript & Swift.

Introduction to coding over 5 consecutive days.
Then choose to follow up after the holidays with advanced classes on our weekly schedules.
Find a course
Go deep.
Master computer programming with regular classes conducted year-round.
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Course sequences are designed to offer clear and gradual progression
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20+ years of coding experience

Instructors are engineering graduates from top universities with a combined 20+ years of coding experience in enterprise software development, banking IT, web and mobile development, big data and quantitative finance.

Small class sizes

At Code Campus, we keep our teacher-student ratios low (ranging from 1:5 to 1:8) to ensure that your child gets exactly the attention he/she needs to acquire this critical lifeskill.

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1 MacBook per student provided

In class, we provide a computer for each student so Code Campers can come worry-free and focus on learning.

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Clear learning roadmap

Our course sequences are designed to offer our younger students a clear, gradual progression to a fully-featured programming language - Python, empowering them to solve real-world problems in whichever domain they fancy!

Ting Feng

M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Stanford
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, UIUC
Grab (formerly known as GrabTaxi)
Singapore Armed Forces

TF has been using technology to improve efficiency and user experience wherever he goes, even while training soldiers or managing shopping malls. This was especially true when he was developing strategies and running a new business vertical at Southeast Asia’s largest technology start-up. Besides, TF also loves leading teams and nurturing people, having led teams of up to 120 in size. TF is terribly excited to join the SG Code Campus team full-time, where he hopes to build an institution where generations of kids can learn to harness technology to make our world a more pleasant and efficient place.


M.Sc. Management Science & Engineering, Stanford
B.A. Mathematics & Economics, UC-Berkeley

Ian’s love for programming began when he dabbled in Artificial Intelligence as a grad student at Stanford. As a quant risk manager at Barclays, Ian got to further sharpen his craft programming risk engines and coding up financial models in Python, R, VB.NET and the NAG numerical library (FORTRAN). Last September, Ian decided to commit fully to his passion for technology and education by completing General Assembly’s intensive 3 month full-time Web Development Immersive programme, adding JavaScript and Ruby to his code arsenal. Now, he spends every day figuring how Code Campus can better teach and engage our young learners through animation, games, robotics, and whatever cool tech there is out there.


M.Sc. Financial Engineering, Carnegie Mellon
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, NTU
Olam International
JP Morgan

Jessie’s voracious appetite for learning is obvious when you realise that she learnt web programming on her own time while managing risk at one of the world's largest commodity firms. With a previous multi-year stint working as a Python developer for JP Morgan's Athena trading system, Jessie's affinity for code is matched only by her enthusiasm for sharing it with the next generation. She is fascinated by the interplay between spoken and programming languages and believes that neither age nor language should be an impediment to learning how to code. Jessie also keeps us up-to-date well beyond our shores of the latest happenings in the burgeoning Chinese tech world.


M.A. International Relations, Johns Hopkins
B.Sc. Economics, University of Warwick

Steph’s biggest passion is education. Having studied at some of the world’s best tertiary institutions spanning 3 continents and a multitude of disciplines, Steph is well versed with the best learning methodologies. With over a decade of experience tutoring primary and secondary school students in English and the sciences, she is well-primed to advise on our pedagogical approach to code education.


B.Sc. (Hon) Accounting & Finance, University of Warwick

As the consummate investment banker, Edric’s forte is social networks, both in the tech and finance sphere. He loves to meet and learn from people with new ideas on how technology can change finance and other traditional industries. Edric is also our strategic gatekeeper who ensures that we offer true learning value to our kids beyond the technical aspects and helps to keep Code Campus relevant in a rapidly and ever evolving world.


BSc. Economics, LSE
Little Llama Pte Ltd
Unity Technologies

Dave has a fierce love for startups and technology. With stints venture capital and a role at Unity, the game engine behind blockbusters games like Hearthstone and Pokemon GO, Dave caught the entreprenuerial bug somewhere in between and and started teaching himself how to code. He has since grown from hobby-level programming to full-fledged web developer, relentlessly honing his technical knowledge of JavaScript and Digital Marketing strategies. He is also an alumni of General Assembly’s Front-End Web Development course. Bearing a deep appreciation for education and pedagogy, Dave seeks to guide the future generation into an increasingly digital and ever-changing world, where he believes adaptability and digital literacy will be the cornerstones of building a successful career, regardless of industry.


3rd year in Quantitative Finance, Computer Science Minor, NUS

Hock's journey in computer science began when he was a freshman taking an introductory coding module in NUS. Realising the vast opportunities available to those who code, Hock decided to pursue a Computer Science minor concurrent to his degree, and has never looked back; his only lament is that he didn't get started earlier. When he's not coding, Hock spends his time volunteering in reading programmes for underprivileged children with the non-profit BLESS. By bringing his long experience of tutoring and volunteering with kids to Code Campus, Hock aims to provide other children with a head-start in the language of the future.

For support on curriculum, entrepreneurship, technology, management and everything else in between!
Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of Paktor

Charlene is currently chief marketing officer and co-founder of Paktor, a mobile dating app campany backed by Vertex Ventures (a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings); a co-founder of GaiGai (2014), an online matchmaking agency; and founder of Fleek Image (2015), a consultancy that focuses on helping people brand themselves and find their inner confidence. Known as Singapore's "Paktor Queen", Charlene was crowned Cosmopolitan's Flawless Beauty in 2014 and has been featured in numerous publications including Cosmopolitan Singapore and Her World Singapore. As a serial techoprenuer, she strongly believes that coding literacy is essential to helping a new generation of women break into the new economy. In her free time, Charlene gives talks about female empowerment and entrepreneurship in Singapore and Malaysia.

CTO of Coiney Inc

David Asikin is at Coiney Inc, a hardware and mobile payments startup based in Tokyo where he has been the CTO since 2012. Prior that that, he had stints as a software engineer at Qualcomm and a trader at Barclays where he melded Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning with trading strategies. David strongly believes in Code Campus' mission where he advises on the mobile development and AI-related portions on the curriculum. He thinks that Artificial Intelligence is developing at an exponential rate and will ultimately shape the way we think, learn and do business in the near future - learning to code is a first essential step towards harnessing this technology. He was a member of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon Univerisity where he earned a Masters in Robotics and valedictorian at the Tokyo Institute of Technology where he holds a degree in Control and Systems Engineering.

Tech Guru and Coding Educator

Fernando is an entrepreneur, technologist and educator with over 15 years of experience obtained in Europe, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong at companies including Citibank, EMC, Telefonica, NTT Research Labs and General Assembly. Elected president of the Spanish Confederation of Junior Enterprises, he has participated in the creation and successful development of multiple start-up internet, mobile and e-commerce companies and holds Master's degrees in both Computer Science and Business Intelligence.

His experience in a wide range of technologies (covering system architecture, product development, web development) and his time at one of the world's largest code schools, General Assembly, where he was most recently the lead instructor for its full time Web Immersive program in Hong Kong, makes him a valuable advisor at Code Campus where he lends his support to curriculum development and pedogogy. He is also currently working on his own Academy based in the Canary Islands that will offer code education and business development skills.

Co-CEO and Co-founder at WAHOME

John WH Lee is the Co-CEO and Co-founder at WAHOME, where he is responsible for all aspects of running the startup. He was previously Vice President (Global Expansion & Operation) at Gogovan, a regional online logistics company. In this role, John had global responsibility for the company’s professional services, expansion of global offices & customer support organizations. Prior to Gogovan, John worked in investment banking at Morgan Stanley and in private equity at Andreessen Horowitz. John graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Administration with honors and distinction.

CEO of Carmudi Indonesia

Subir Lohani is the CEO of Carmudi Indonesia, a Rocket Internet backed vehicle marketplace, where he is responsible for all aspects of the business. Prior to this Subir was the Managing Director of Carmudi Philippines and led the company to be the clear #1 vertical player in the automotive space. Subir was also one of the initial investors/founders of HeyKuya, the first SMS based personal assistant service in the Philippines, which was subsequently bought out by YesBoss Indonesia. Before entering the internet space Subir was engaged in a startup mining company in Asia and was an Assistant Vice President in Barclays Capital's Asian debt capital markets team covering south and south east Asia. Subir graduated from Boston University with a a degree in Economics.