DAY 1 of the AWS Deepracer League

Published by Trevor Lum
4 Jun 2021 · 1 min read

What a first day for the Qualifying Rounds!

Our MC hard at work during Day 1 of AWS Deepracer League

It was an amazing first session where the students from Group 1 and 2 finally got a chance to see their models in action on the physical track at SG Code Campus.

There was a moment of flurry at 1-1.30pm today as students rushed to submit their models before due time. Every group wanted the extra time to train and re-train their models to perfection. We could sense the excitement of the students akin to the pit crew of F1 teams where perfection is strived for at every moment.

Finally, it was 3pm and time for Qualifying Round 1 to begin.

Students from Group 1 and 2 joined in the session via Zoom, and got to watch the Deepracer League Race unfold on Twitch. In fact, the Twitch channel got so popular that at one point, there was over 130+ people viewing it.

Running the risk of sounding hyperbole, this race was perhaps the best race I have ever witnessed. The race went down to the wire where by the final 3 teams were differentiated by less than a second.

Kudos to all teams who participated today as it was a great showing from everyone. The chat was on fire with our very own SG Code Campus Derrick's entertaining us throughout the event.

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