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Take Our Classes Online

Starting 27 March, all SG Code Campus lessons will be conducted online, in compliance with the latest social distancing measures.

We have been working hard on this front, and have already had some students take our classes from home. You can thus be assured that your child will still be able to receive their quality coding education from home!

Our Students

At SG Code Campus, our students don’t just win awards – they solve tomorrow’s problems today. Armed with seriously good coding skills and deep technical knowledge, they win nation-wide and international hackathons, emerge champions at the National Olympiad for Informatics (NOI), and get perfect scores in their IB computer science examinations. They do this all while building community and real solutions to problems they care about .If you’re looking for coding enrichment classes, computer science tuition, NOI training, or just to make random, cool stuff just because you can, then do join us! We’re the Best Coding School in Singapore and home of the largest youth developer community.
We’re here to guide and inspire every step of the way.

Our Instructors

Coding isn't always easy, but you can count on us to get you through. With Singapore's largest, highly qualified full-time team of coding instructors delivering some of the most effective and engaging computer programming courses for kids and teens, our students just can’t get enough! With backgrounds in tech, education, math, engineering and finance, coupled with extensive industry experience, your kids could not be in better hands.
Through our programming courses, our instructors will help your kids and teens develop a strong conceptual foundation, while exposing them to some of the deepest, most cutting edge technologies in the field to inspire their own budding interests in this domain. Not only will they gain programming skills, but also critical thinking and design thinking skills in our coding school. Your child deserves to learn from the best. Get to know us and see for yourself why we’re better than the rest.

Our Curriculum

Our coding curriculum is unparalleled in its breadth and depth -- structured and designed for kids and teens to go as far as they wish into the field of computer science. Both our regular weekly coding enrichment courses and holiday camps place dual emphasis on establishing a deep understanding of computer science concepts as well as breadth in real-world application . Whether their interest is in animation, game design, web, mobile, data science or competitive programming at the National Olympiad of Informatics (NOI), the lessons we conduct at our coding school will transform kids and teens from being mere technology consumers to thoughtful technology creatives. Find the right coding course for your child and start their coding learning journey with us today!


Join THE community-focused coding school for kids and teens. Connecting students to educators, start-ups and the wider Singaporean tech community - everyday! With so much going on beyond just our programming courses, this is our chance to look back and celebrate our favourite moments.
Judges for SISC-ISSF 2019
National Data Science Challenge Opening Ceremony - 23 February 2019
Co-Founder Stephanie Law teaching Swift Playgrounds at Apple to parents and kids ages 7 - 12
Community Event
Shopback Field Trip
Reaching out to the youth tech community
Raising the bar for teens & youths to gain data science skills
Today at Apple – Celebrating conduct parent-child coding workshops where we shout-out about the role women played in early computing
Celebrate all our students’ achievements at a community event
Encouraging kids and teens alike to turn into passionate, technology creatives

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