Day 3 of the AWS Deepracer League

Published by Trevor Lum
6 Jun 2021 · 1 min read

Finale of the AWS Deepracer League 2021

What a wonderful journey it has been this past week as everything culminates in the Deepracer Finals

Similar to yesterday, the day started at 9am for the last qualifying round for Group 7 and 8. The few first cars warming the non-tarmac track got off to a hesitant start likely because of the unfamiliar surroundings. Who could blame them when all they were used to was the virtual environment. Perhaps they got a reality check.

Fast forward 4 minutes later, all the subsequent Deepracers were phenomenal.  Timings were close and it was race down to the wire on which three teams would make it to the finals.

Come 4pm, it was the finals of the inaugural Deepracer League. With fantastic prizes up for grabs including huge bragging rights, the competition fever was felt throughout the atmosphere. At some point, we literally saw students screaming into their zoom screams despite being on mute.

There was a continuous lead change after every team went. Alas, for there to emerge a winner, there will exist some teams that will leave disappointed but not without feeling the need to come back next year stronger.

Derrick announcing Deepracer winners
Emcee Derrick announcing the winners

Biggest congratulations to Tampines Secondary School for emerging as champions among over 40 schools. Pei Hwa Secondary has nothing to be ashamed off, coming in as the runner up position.

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