Our Curriculum Philosophy

Defining a best-in-class computer science curriculum for kids and teens

Coding is a Skill and Way of Thinking
We live in an increasingly complex world, and the future challenges that will confront our children will only get more complicated. In order to solve the problems of tomorrow, kids today need to learn how to break down complex issues, observe patterns in the world that surrounds them, identify general principles that generate these patterns and work methodically towards a solution. Each of these elements is a skill and a way of thinking, which together, encapsulate how a coder thinks.
Break down complex issues
Observe patterns in the world
Identify general principles that generate patterns
Work methodically towards a solution
A good coder needs 3 proficiencies to solve problems well

Having a strong conceptual understanding, fluency in programming languages, and solid build skills are integral to solving problems with code.

One or two coding courses alone is not enough time to build all three proficiencies, let alone internalise a way of thinking. Therefore, our roadmap spanning up to 6 years reflects our long-term goal and commitment to develop Code Campers in each of these three proficiencies and create Campuses where successive cohorts of Code Campers can emerge as communities of thinkers and problem solvers.

Conceptual Understanding is Key to Thinking Like a Coder

We want kids to learn not just one programming language or two, but core concepts that cut across programming languages and that are universal to the way a coder needs to think. We believe that understanding the core concepts are more valuable in the long-run because the usefulness of a specific programming language is sometimes short-lived and/or limited by the problems its creators wanted to solve.

This is why each of our introductory courses in the Basics and Principles roadmap, and the start of every lesson thereafter, will continue to focus primarily on computer science concepts before diving into syntax (i.e. the grammatical rules of a programming language). Introductory courses will be concept-heavy but light on build-experience so that Code Campers have a strong conceptual foundation to build on. Follow-on courses, conversely, will be build-heavy.

Instructor teaching students Python Fundamentals using Minecraft in our Principles 1 class
Coding is a Means to Solving Problems We Care About

Code Campers learn to use coding as a tool to build tangible products that they know, feel, use and love.

Whether it's in Scratch, AppInventor, Python, JavaScript or Java, each of our course offerings incorporates a practical element where Code Campers create and build real-world solutions to problems that they care about, and that they are proud to call their own.

Co-Founder Stephanie Law presenting at Today at Apple
By Learning to Code Together, We will Build a Better Future

Our Campuses and tech educators are here to provide Code Campers with a supportive community and positive learning environment so that they can dream big and build boldly.

Don't just prepare for the future - build a better future, together.