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It has been our privilege working with these corporate clients to spread the power of code.

We were happy to work with OCBC to create two coding workshops for 50 kids aged 4-10, as part of their OCBC Kids@Work 2019 event. Kids of OCBC staff spent a fun-filled afternoon exploring how computer science is used in the world around us, and acquired basic coding concepts and skills to code up their own creations in Blockly and Scratch.

The kids really loved the coding session and some named it as one of their favourite segments of OCBC Kids@Work!

Stella Ong, OCBC Group Human Resources
We have always said that we teach our students college-level computer programming. Now we can prove it. Starting August 2019 we have been appointed Program Director of SMU Academy’s Professional Certificate in Python Programming. This 6-module course is based on our in-house Python and Data Science curriculum, designed specifically for aspiring data science professionals seeking to apply Python programming to real world data problems. Our instructors have been motivating, inspiring and teaching business intelligence analysts, data engineers and anyone with an interest in learning about the fundamentals of data science programming. So if you want to learn from the same instructors and curriculum that your kids are exposed to here at SG Code Campus, join us at SMU Academy as well.
SG Code Campus announced as an Official Supporting Training Partner for Shopee's National Data Science Challenge
SG Code Campus announced as an Official Supporting Training Partner for Shopee's National Data Science Challenge
SG Code Campus was invited to be one of Shopee's official training partners for the National Data Science Challenge 2019. To help contesting teams gear up for the largest data science competition in Singapore, we hosted a series of Python and Data Science training camps for Pre-U students at WeWork's co-working space. The event was over-subscribed and all attendees walked away with a keener understanding of data science.
SG Code Campus has been privileged to work with PayPal Singapore over the last 2 years to hold their annual Kids in Tech event, a 3-day coding camp open to kids of all PayPal employees as well as underprivileged kids. Borne out of PayPal's commitment to encourage innovation at a young age and spread interest in technology among the community, Kids in Tech seeks to introduce kids to coding in fun and creative ways, and give them access to the tools they need to embrace and understand technology.
When BlackRock approached us to conduct coding lessons for kids of employees as part of their inaugural APAC Innovation Week 2017, we simply couldn't say no. While the parents were attending a series of interactive workshops and events, each emphasizing the importance of innovation in their everyday work, the kids had an equally meaningful time learning the fundamentals of computer science and how the power of code can solve everyday, real-world problems.
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