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Professional Training and Certification at SMU Academy

Get professional IT training and certifications from the SMU Academy at the Singapore Management University. Learn in-demand skills in computer programming, data science and cloud computing from our highly qualified instructors teaching at SMU Academy.

Whether you are a pure beginner looking for a bite-sized introduction to some of the most cutting edge technologies shaping the business world today, a serious learner looking to develop programming skills, or an experienced engineer/analyst looking to add modern data analytics skills to your toolset, SMU Academy has the course for you.

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Professional certifications for the serious learner
Professional Certificate in Python Programming (PCPP)

Python is one of the most heavily used programming languages in industry and can be found in a broad range of applications including the Google Cloud Platform, JP Morgan's Athena trading system and Facebook's Ads API. Its versatility, simplicity and elegance ensure that Python programming remains as one of the most sought-after skills from employers today.

PCPP is a comprehensive 6-module introduction to Python Programming featuring 90 hours of instruction, designed for motivated beginners who are looking to develop a serious programming background.

No prior experience in programming is necessary.

Advanced Certificate in Applied Data Analytics (ACADA)

This course is designed to equip users with a variety of techniques drawn from data science, machine learning and cloud computing in how to process, analyse and utilise data in an applied business setting.

This 6 module course is for individuals interested in formulating data-driven recommendations to drive business decisions and is recommended for professionals who want to strengthen their analytical and technical skills to get an edge in their careers. Students should have prior experience in programming equivalent to the PCPP.

Bite-sized introduction for the casual beginner

Learn about data analytics, cloud computing, or artificial intelligence through short, week-long courses featuring 15 hours of instruction. No prior technical experience needed.

Cloud Computing
Learn how companies of all sizes can save on IT costs and increase reliability by moving their infrastructure to the cloud. See what the Cloud can do for you through fun hands-on sessions and in-class experiments on the AWS platform.
Databases Fundamentals, Data Analytics and Big Data
Big Data is recognised as an important and relevant skill set in any industry. This course will enable students to interpret data, draw logical deductions, and make actionable business decisions.
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are transforming systems, experiences, processes and entire industries. Learn how to independently solve business problems using these emerging technologies.
Applied Data Analytics Micro Workshop

This online workshop was jointly organised by the SMU Alumni Association and SMU Academy. Materials, note and resources from the 8 Sep 2020 session can be found here.