This programme is tailored for professionals in Singapore interested in transitioning to the software development industry but lack the technical skills required. Taught by a team of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Authorised Instructors and experienced industry professionals, learn the latest and most relevant information about software development.


  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Cloud Computing
  • Containerisation
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)
  • AWS services like Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
  • Using Python web development frameworks to create dynamic and responsive web applications and deploy these web applications on AWS

Who Should Attend

AWS Cloud Solutions Architect
DevOps Engineer
Cloud Security Engineer
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
Full Stack Developer
Cloud Operations Manager

Speaker/Training Bio

ian trainer image
Ian Choo
Founder, SG Code Campus

Ian holds a Master of Science in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics & Economics from the University of California, Berkeley. His love for computing began when he dived into the study of Computational Engineering and Machine Learning over three years as a graduate student at Stanford. After graduating, he took on a role as a quant risk manager at Barclays Investment Bank, where he got to further sharpen his craft data-munging reams of financial data, programming risk engines and coding up financial models in Python, R, VB.NET and the NAG numerical library (FORTRAN).

As founder of SG Code Campus, Ian has designed and taught curricula in Web and Mobile programming, Cloud Computing, Data Science and Machine Learning to a variety of audiences including kids, youths, Polytechnic, University students, as well as working professionals. He often spends his days working to improve his teaching and better engage learners through a different teaching approaches and course formats.

huiliang trainer image
Lui Huiliang
Chief Product Officer, SG Code Campus

Huiliang holds a Masters of Science and Bachelor of Science (Honors) from the University of California, Berkeley, in Mechanical Engineering (with a Minor in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research) and was a DSTA (Defence Science and Technology Agency) Overseas Scholarship holder. Upon graduation, he joined the DSTA, where he was a project manager overseeing the acquisition of modelling and simulation systems for training the SAF.

Huiliang currently helms the technology department at Indigo Education Group, where his team uses Python and modern data analytics to extract actionable insights from student enrolment trends and demographic data. He also manages Indigo's online learning platform where he spearheads the design, development and integration of ERP and CRM applications for the smooth running of operations. As an educator with an infectious passion for math, science and engineering, Huiliang believes that programming aptitude is born of interest, and seeks to inspire his students through interesting real-life applications of computer science.

yong yang trainer image
Yong Yang Chung
Technical Programme Manager, Instructor & Curriculum Developer, SG Code Campus

Yong Yang holds a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering (2nd Class Honours, Upper Division) from Nanyang Technological University. As a Senior Instructor with SG Code Campus, he is experienced in technical education, having taught a wide range of topics including Python programming, web development, cloud computing, and data science, to a variety of audiences including adult learners from the finance industry and government organizations. He has also created teaching curricula, managed technical project streams, architected the company's CRM and backend sales system on the Salesforce cloud, and worked on UI/UX website design.

Yong Yang believes in keeping up to date with technical developments and holds many professional certifications including the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP) as well as certifications from AWS and Google—the AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS Solutions Architect - Associate, AWS SysOps administrator - Associate; Google Project Management, GCP Associate Cloud Engineer and GCP Professional Cloud Architect.

Who Should Attend
Speaker/Training Bio