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Applications for the 2021 Bootcamp programme have closed!
Registration is now open for direct applicants to the 2021 Accelerator. Forms need to be submitted by 8 June 2021. (Applicants attending the Bootcamp do need not send a new application for the Accelerator - registration for the Accelerator will be conducted during the Bootcamp.)
Direct applicants to the Accelerator (those not attending the Bootcamp) do not need their teacher’s permission to attend the Accelerator but, as we would like to keep their schools updated on their progress, schools will be emailed once at the start and at the end of the Accelerator. In the online registration form on this webpage, there will be a section for applicants to fill in the contact details of their CCA or form teacher (please get permission from them to fill in the form with their contact).
Applicants who apply through this route will have to take an online Python programming test as part of the application to ascertain that they have the level of coding background needed to succeed in the Accelerator (recommended at least 12-20 hours of programming education in Python or languages like Swift, Java, JavaScript, C++). They will also be required to prepare and upload a 30- to 45-second video introducing themselves and why they want to join the AWS Accelerator Programme 2021. If possible, applicants should mention any prior programming experiences or any relevant experiences in AI or Deep Learning.
If you have any questions, please contact us at
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Applications are now closed for 2021.
Good luck to all applicants.

Application Details

What are the requirements for joining the Bootcamp and Accelerator Programmes?
All applicants must be attending a local Secondary or Junior College in 2021. Students interested in the Bootcamp will need to form teams of 5 within the same school and have their entry submitted via the school’s teacher-in-charge. Applications for the Accelerator are to be submitted individually but with approval from a school teacher.
I can only commit to the first 2 days of the programme, can I still sign up?
Applicants are required to attend the full duration of each programme, for the Bootcamp (31 May - 6 June) and the Accelerator (Saturday afternoons from Jun-Nov, Nov - Dec holidays). Please do not apply if you are not able to commit to this programme, the full schedule is available here.
I do not have experience in coding, would I be at a disadvantage?
Applicants do not need to have any prior coding experience for the Bootcamp. The Accelerator however, requires students to have either completed the Bootcamp or have prior Python knowledge. Students will need to pass an online quiz to be selected for the Accelerator programme.
Where will lessons be held?
Due the COVID-19 safe distancing measures, the Bootcamp will be held online only. The Accelerator venue (online and/or physical) will be confirmed later in the year.
This programme is fully subsidised for all successful participants. Participants will be accorded sufficient AWS credits to complete all projects.