Home-based Learning

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Starting 27 March, all SG Code Campus lessons will be conducted online, in compliance with the latest social distancing measures.

We have been working hard on this front, and have already had some students take our classes from home. You can thus be assured that your child will still be able to receive their quality coding education from home!

Here's a sample of what our online class looks like

Key Features

A seamless experience in online classes
A Seamless Experience
With industry-grade tools, we are able to deliver an experience with almost no lag in both video and audio.* Students who have tested our online classroom found it easy to toggle between their coding environment and the instructor's live video stream.
Real-time consultation from our instructors
Real-time Consultation
Students have a dedicated Campus computer to log into remotely, allowing instructors to check their code and render assistance in real-time
Hybrid class room allows for active student participation
Active Student Participation
Unlike a recorded lecture, our online classroom promotes two-way interaction between student and instructor. Students who participate remotely are given "front-row setas" in our hybrid class room (circled in orange: 3 students who joined a class via the online offering)

Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Measures
What are the precautionary measures at SG Code Campus?

You can read more information via our dedicated Coronavirus page, please click here.

Will SG Code Campus suspend classes if the sitation worsens?
We will continue to closely follow the guidance of MOH and MOE and act accordingly. Should the relevant Ministries give the directive to physically close the school, we will shift all classes online with immediate effect (except for Basics 1 and 2).
What is the online class offering and who should join it?
What is an online class?

Contrary to what some may think, online class is not a static pre-recorded video. In fact, online classes are fully interactive and includes the following:

  • Live video conferencing with the instructor
  • Instructors will be able to see the screens of the students and assist in real time
  • Online quizzes and practice for real time feedback
Is the home-based online class optional?

Yes, the home-based online class is currently optional. Students can choose to remote in to the classroom or they can still attend their classes physically at their scheduled time and location.

Home based online classes are not available for Basics 1 and 2. All classes will still be physical classes held at our locations.

Why should I take online classes?
  • Online classes help to prevent an interruption in learning during disruptive times.
  • Students save on traveling time, giving them greater convenience and productivity.
  • Be the pioneers in the future of classroom learning.
What are the hardware requirements needed for online classes?
Will I be provided a computer to use?

No, your child needs to have his/her own computer to join the class.

We will be providing an in-class computer that your child will remotely log into, so that his/her code can be accessed by the instructors in real-time. Instructions will be sent to you, and our team will assist you.

How do I know if my home computer is good enough?

Students will log into our remote classroom via Zoom, a web based software. Thus no download nor installation is necessary.

  • Stable internet connection with download speeds exceeding 5Mb/s (you can test your connection via speedtest.net.
  • Most computers bought in the last 5 years should have enough memory and prcessor power to run Zoom.com
How do I log in for the online class?
Students will get a web link to a walkthrough video online on how to set up the home computers to attend our online classes.
Do I need an Android device for my AppInventor class?
Students do not need to have an Android phone. We will be using an emulator (virtual Android device that can run on any platforms), which will be available when the student remotely logs into our classroom.